About The Ministry

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) derives its mandate from Part XVI of the Constitution of Zambia. The Ministry is also guided by statutory and portfolio functions as stipulated in the Government Gazette Notice No. 836 of 18th November, 2016. The Ministry is responsible for economic and financial management.

The Ministry is headed by a Minister whose mandate is drawn from the Minister of Finance (Incorporation) Act, Chapter 349 of the Laws of Zambia. The administrative and technical team is headed by the Secretary to the Treasury who is assisted by two Permanent Secretaries responsible for Economic Management and Finance (EMF) and Budget and Economic Affairs (BEA).

Vision Statement

“To be a world class institution in the mobilization and management of public resources for sustainable national development.”

Mission Statement

“To efficiently and effectively coordinate national planning and economic management, mobilize and manage public resources in a transparent and accountable manner for sustainable national development.

Value Statement

“The Ministry of Finance will uphold excellence, profession, team work, integrity, commitment, transparency, accountability and value for money”

The Ministry comprises the following directorates:

  1. Budget Office;
  2. Economic Management Department;
  3. Government Stores;
  4. Human Resource and Administration; 
  5. Investments and Debt Management Department;
  6. Office of the Accountant General; and
  7. Office of the Controller of Internal Audit.

Statutory bodies and grant-aided institutions:

  1. Bank of Zambia;
  2. Betting Control and Licensing Board;
  3. Development Bank of Zambia;
  4. Directorate of State Enterprises;
  5. Indo Zambia Bank;
  6. Lotteries Control Board;
  7. Lusaka Stock Exchange;
  8. Micro Bankers Trust;
  9. National Road Fund Agency;
  10. National Savings and Credit Bank;
  11. Pensions and Insurance Authority;
  12. Public Service Micro Finance Bank; 
  13. Securities and Exchange Commission; 
  14. Standing Accidents Board and Provincial Standing Accidents Committees;
  15. State Lotteries Board of Zambia;
  16. War Pensions Board/Fund;
  17. Zambia Finance and Leasing Company;
  18. Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants;
  19. Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply;
  20. Zambia National Building Society;
  21. Zambia National Commercial  Bank;
  22. Zambia National Insurance Brokers Limited;
  23. Zambia Public Procurement Authority;
  24. Zambia Revenue Authority; and
  25. Zambia State Insurance Corporation.



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