Divisions and Departments

Economic Management and Finance Division

The Economic Management and Finance Division (EMF) oversees the following functions on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia: economic management, financial management, and internal controls. The Division is mandated to manage administrative support services, public affairs and procurement functions within the Ministry of Finance. Further, the Division manages and develops human resources in order to enhance quality service delivery and productivity.

Economic Management Department | Office of the Accountant General | Internal Audit | Human Resource and Administration | Government Stores |  



Budget and Economic Affairs Division

The Budget and Economic Affairs Division (BEA) facilitates preparation of the national annual budget and its implementation in order to provide the framework for timely allocation of financial resources for National Development. The Division is further charged with the responsibility to manage Government investments in order to maximise returns. In addition, BEA must also develop and implement effective debt management strategies and framework to ensure that the national debt stock is within sustainable levels.

Budget Office | Investments and Debt Management Department | Public-Private Partnership Unit |



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