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I wish to welcome you to the Ministry Website. The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is striving to administer and manage Land and Natural resources in a transparent and sustainable manner. This is vital because Land plays a very important role in uplifting the socio-economic status of our country.

We are responsible for the following major functions:

 Beaconing

 Control of Unauthorised Settlements;

 Forestry Extension and Development;

 Land Administration; Land Surveys and Mapping;

 Registration of Land and Deeds; and

 Climate Change (Implementation)

We look forward to sharing with you our experiences from activities that we carry out on a day to day basis. We also intend to introduce web based electronic transactional services that will ease the way you interact with us. The Website will further avail you a window that will show you the geographical dispersion of properties that are already established or allocated. Finally, management of the country’s natural resources are an important factor to a good and healthy environment. Sustainable utilization and growth of this sector goes hand in hand with adopting or mainstreaming of climate change initiatives at programme implementation level. We anticipate that you are going to be a repeat visitor to our web site and we therefore pledge to keep it updated regularly.