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Launch of the Center of Excellence for E-Government and ICT by His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of The Republic of Zambia


Zambia’s Vision for Information Communication Technology (ICT) is “A Zambia transformed into information and knowledge based society supported by increased access to ICTs by all citizens by 2030”. Achieving this vision will require effective and efficient high level coordination of ICT interventions across the Public Service.   Government has identified the need to establish an ICT Center of Excellence as key in the realization of its vision.

Government established the Centralized Computer Services Department (CCSD) in 1968 to provide data processing services to public institutions. With time, technology and usage of ICT has changed significantly. CCSD has however not evolved in tandem with the above changes. It has remained centralized and unable to effectively coordinate and regulate the adoption and application of ICTs in MPSAs, partly due to its inappropriate institutional arrangement and inadequate organizational structure.

In this regard, Government has found it imperative to transform CCSD into a Center of Excellence for e-Government and ICT to facilitate implementation of e-Government as well as coordinate and support ICT in the Public Service, the Center will be expected to, among other things, effectively spearhead the implementation of public ICT policy; regulate the adoption and usage of common shared ICT systems, infrastructure and human resources in the Public Service.

Government Transformation

  1. A central point of managing all government ICT needs
  2. Engaging citizens through multiple technology enabled channels to access civil services
  3. Empower civil servants with cutting edge technologies
  4. Standardize on technologies and productivity processes across the entire government of Zambia
  5. Whole of government view of relationship between public sector and citizen/business
  6. Engage with citizens as owners and participants in the creation of public services not as passive recipients of services
  7. Include Initiatives to e-enable the frontline of public service: enabling the staff that are directly involved in delivery of services such as education and health
  8. Managing G2C; G2G; G2B interactions across multiple channels and providing a seamless single experience

The Launch of the Centre of Excellence for E-Government and ICT by His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of The Republic of Zambia will be held at Hotel Intercontinental Banquet Hall Lusaka on Thursday 22ndOctober, 2015 at 08:30hrs.