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In August 2015, revenue collection amounted to K2.73 billion against a target of K2.48 billion. This reflects an over performance of 10 percent and is mainly attributed to increased collections on domestic VAT and Non-Tax Revenues. By categorization, tax revenue collections amounted to K2.02 billion while non-tax revenues totaled K710 million in August 2015.

From a blend collection of tax revenue, non-tax revenue and domestic borrowing, the treasury released K4.11 billion expenditure during the month under review to facilitate implementation of development programs and enable government operations.

Among the major expenditure items was K890 million which was given to the National Road Fund Agency for onward disbursement to the Road Development Agency for road infrastructure programs. The government is keen to effectively deliver its promises to the nation, therefore, it is incumbent upon implementing agencies to rise to the occasion and ensure that targeted infrastructure is attended to and attain a proper state of usability, not only for efficient haulage of crop harvest and farmer inputs, but also for efficient and cost effective transportation of persons, goods and livestock.

The treasury also released K160 million to the Food Reserve Agency for crop purchase and K50 million for the Farmer Input Support Program. The release of funds for the Farmer Input Support Program is consistent with the government’s long-term objective to diversify the economy, improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers, and ensure country-wide food security.

Other expenditure includes K11 million for water and sanitation programs, K12.5 million for the Social Cash Transfer Program and K12 million for the mobile national registration exercise.

K811 million went towards debt service. Consistent and timely debt service is important as it ensures that the country remains attractive in credit rating assessments. We are committed to proceed on this path.

The government remains focused on ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved in implementing the 2015 budget. In this regard, we wish to appeal to members of the public to keep track of resources that are being released by the treasury. It is by sharing information that the government will be able to improve its progress tracking system enshrine a participatory monitoring system that will allow the people of Zambia to see how taxpayer’s money is being spent and to examine the results achieved through expenditure by respective Ministries Provinces and Government Spending Agencies.