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Office of the Accountant General

The Public Finance Act requires that the Accountant-General, among other things, monitors accounting processes and reports on the budget execution involving all public funds appropriated by Parliament and disbursed by Budget Office, Ministry of Finance and National Planning.

On a daily basis, MPSA’s throughout the country, capture all financial transactions related to their operations at their stations and submit the data to the Accountant-General for consolidation in order to ascertain the overall Government position on the budget execution.

The Accountant-General’s functions under the Act include the preparation of the accounts for the Government and the production of Management and other Reports for decision making.

In line with Government’s commitment to good governance principles, the Accountant-General is required to publish various Financial Reports on a monthly / quarterly basis on the website by 15th of each month following the month of actual expenditure, for accessibility by all Stakeholders which include individuals, Institutions, and Cooperating Partners.

The data being published has been verified and certified in accordance with the Accountant-General’s roles and responsibilities.

The Department is responsible for managing all financial resources of the Republic of Zambia. The Department was, therefore, created to manage the formulation and implementation of financial management policies in order to conserve financial resources in the public sector.

The office of the Accountant General is that of Treasury Advisor on financial management to Government, Parliament and other statutory bodies to facilitate information and decision making as well as managing creation and capacity building of accounting services in accounting units in order to ensure effective financial management at points of delivery.

Functions of the Department
The major Departmental responsibilities are to formulate sound financial management principles through the following key areas:

  • Financial policies: The Department develops methodologies on how financial management policies  are to be implemented, evaluated, in order to maintain an effective, economic and efficient financial systems
  • Regulations, Processes, Procedures, and Systems: In  order for the Department to appreciate the policies that have been developed, there is need to periodically review the regulations, processes, procedures, and systems that have been implemented to ensure effective, economic and efficient utilization of public financial resources
  • Financial Management Reports: This component in the Department is cardinal as it is a tool that is used in the production of statutory and other financial reports to facilitate optimal Financial and Economic Policy decision-making
  • The Department is also responsible for the production of Treasury Minutes in order to ensure accountability of public resources.